Privacy Policy

The privacy policy below explains how data would be collected from the users and the purposes for which it would be used by Foremen Fiefdom.

What you provide

You may provide us with different information while connecting with us through a property enquiry, email correspondence, review, feedback, survey, or while raising an issue being faced by you. We store only such personal data that has been shared by you post consenting to our terms of use.

What we collect

We collect certain information automatically through your internet browser including metadata in the form of device model and type, make of the device model, version of the device and software, IP address, language settings on the browser, and referral domain.

What we share

We share your personal information with our agents once you raise an enquiry concerning a property listing. This personal information includes name, contact number, and email address. The information is also shared to search engine service providers for analytics and the improvement of our services going ahead. The personal data that is shared in this regard includes the type of browser and device, IP address, and the pages visited. However, the data does not include an email address or name. The collected metadata may also be shared with advertisers to show relevant advertisements. If Foremen Fiefdom is acquired by another establishment, the personal user data collected would be shared as a part of the transfer of the company. Personal information may be disclosed to professional advisors such as financial or legal advisors where we may wish to seek such professional advice. The personal user information may also be shared with governmental agencies and regulatory authorities as required on demand.

How we use

We share your information with agents to fulfil and answer your requirements and queries as and when necessary. We also use it for customizing the information concerning Foremen Fiefdom to be shared with you as per your interests and preferences. We also customize promotional and marketing emails being sent to you based on your data. You may choose to unsubscribe from such emails as per your wish. Further, we use the data to enrich your experience, by presenting the information in a format suitable for your device. The advertisements presented to you on different channels operated by the company are customized through personal data. Lastly, we may use it for internal administrative and management operations such as testing, research and development, data analysis and troubleshooting.

What we store

The personal information gathered by us can be stored on different secure servers across the world. By sharing and submitting your personal information, you agree that it may be stored, transferred, shared, and processed. The security of our information through the transfers is ensured through the use of approved and reliable mechanisms of data transfer. We also implement strict rules and procedures to protect your data, however, we cannot guarantee its security. You share data at your own risk and while understanding the potential security breach concerns that may be involved. You also are responsible for securing any password(s) that may enable you to access the website by maintaining its confidentiality and not sharing it with anyone else.

Data deletion

The user's personal information is stored by us for as long as such information may be necessary. However, if you wish to request the deletion of any personal information and data from our servers, you may contact us to do so.


We collect cookies to differentiate between you and other users of the website. They help us customize the information presented to you such as your country, currency, preferences, preferred property listings, etc. The information most suitable to you and your interests is also used in the form of cookies to improve the use of Google advertising. Your activity such as the pages visited is also recorded. Google uses such information as per its privacy policies.

Third-party sites

This privacy policy bears no relevance in the case of websites linked to this website. Such third-party sites use the data based on their privacy policy, and we hold no liability for the contents and usage of data by such sites. We encourage you to exercise discretion and check the terms of use and privacy policy of third-party sites before providing your personal information.